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The Worst Christmas Gifts 2016

While everyone is busy scouring the shelves for the BEST Christmas gift ideas this season, we’ve went against the grain to find the absolute worst.  As the badness of gifts simply cannot be quantified,  these gems are listed in no particular order. Enjoy.

Selfie Sticks

Unfortunately they probably won’t disappear for a while, but if you don’t buy one or ask for one, that is a good start for humanity.  We won’t be providing a link for you.

Modesty Panels - Cleavage covers

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a subtle nudge telling your loved one to cover their cleavage.   Clothes are hard enough to buy for someone, but we think that the Modesty Panels should be scratched off your list.  Sorry guys.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 

For the person you’re straight-up trying to kill, why not buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.  The phone is a literal deathtrap, and even if it doesn’t explode, it’ll cause the recipient a huge inconvenience considering it’s banned on all flights. Buy this one only for someone who truly deserves it.

GoPro Karma Drone

It was a good thought, but GoPro may have rushed their first drone to market just a bit too quickly.  With their first 2500 drones being recalled promptly for falling out of the sky at random, the Karma Drone is best kept out of the air and on the shelf.  If you want one though, you should be able to get it again on the GoPro site.

Anything From Katerina Kamprani

Katerina Kamprani is an architect and 3D modeler that likes to find creative and simple ways to completely ruin the effectiveness of common items.  Very simple changes make for the absolute worst gifts.  View them all.

Smoking Mittens

Yep, its a thing. But not a good thing.  The ingenious lads at Suck Uk came up with this gem, and all they needed was a hole punch.   

Bacon Vodka


We don’t have to tell you not to buy this, because their description does that all by itself: No tinge or burn on the tongue, no obnoxious smoky or chemical flavors, just a clean refreshing potato vodka with delicious savory bacon flavor.

Hand Fitness Trainer

It's like a weird futuristic wanking claw.  Don't buy it, but if you do, its here.

A Donation in their name

We shouldn’t need to say it but if a donation is your idea of an epic gift, you are just the worst kind of person.

FlatEv - The Keurig of Tortillas

Jealous of your cousin’s beautiful kitchen? Why not ruin it with the Flatev... a gigantic, ugly machine that offers its user a ridiculously inconvenient way to make “homemade” tortillas. Despite its absurd size, the Flatev amazingly cooks just one tortilla at a time. It can’t cook homemade tortillas, because it won’t accept homemade dough: the Flatev only works with single-use tortilla pods sold by the company at US$0.79 apiece. It’s ugly and inconvenient, but anyone you purchase it for will feel obligated to use it whenever you’re around because it’s also very expensive.

Designed by Apple in California - Book

This costly coffee table book is full of photos of Apple’s products from the past twenty years.   At a price of $300 you can actually buy some cool Apple products instead, but then I guess the coffee table would be bare. Buy it here

Whiskey Stones

One more for the drawer… you know, the drawer in the kitchen with all the other things you don’t use.  Don’t get us wrong, these won’t water down your whiskey, but they will shatter your teeth when you take a sip.  The Eternal Ice Cube can be bought here, in case you want to shatter someones dreams.

That's all we have this year, but we want to hear from you!  Do you have any additions?  Is there something you think we got wrong?  Do you hate us because you already wrapped several of these gifts? That's fair. Let us know in the comments!  Be sure to check out our BEST Christmas Gifts list of 2016 too!

Best Christmas Gifts of 2016

Christmas shopping is easy if you’re the type of giver who can get away with grabbing some gift cards, lottery tickets and pre-wrapped chocolates. That’s all fine if it works for you, but to really get that “WOW” moment on Christmas morning, it takes some serious thinking and a lot of shopping around to find the perfect gift!  
With so many new and exciting products on the market (some of which are back-ordered to the moon) we wanted to take the time to highlight our top Christmas gifts for 2016!  Some are sold out, some are not, but either way, these are the unique gift ideas that your family and friends will TRULY Love!  In no particular order:

CHiP Smart Cookie Oven

The Chip Smart Cookie Oven is kind of like a Keurig for cookies -- the counter top appliance is designed to bake just enough cookies for one person (or more if you're feeling generous). SideChef's raised $109,000 on Kickstarter to make the Chip a reality, and though you won’t get it before Christmas, it’s one hell of a gift!  Order it here.

Hatchimals - Hatching Creatures

It’s a lot like the Furby, in an egg and people are going crazy for them!  Using sensors and new technologies, a Hatchimal is a small, colorful animal that lives inside an egg when shoppers first bring it home. Through interacting with the egg and playing with it, you can encourage the egg to hatch. Eventually the Hatchimal breaks through its shell and reveals itself!  Order a Hatchimal, some are even available right now!

GROWN® Wooden Sunglasses 

No Christmas Gift list would be complete without listing product that doesn’t just look good, but does good too! GROWN® is the pioneer of wooden eyewear and they even got a deal on the hit TV show Shark Tank!  Their wooden sunglasses are Handcrafted from FSC certified sustainable wood and all come with Polarized lenses.  Each pair has a completely unique grain pattern, and no two pairs are identical.  As if that wasn’t enough, for every pair that is purchased, GROWN® fully funds sight-restoring eye-surgery for 1 person or diagnostic eye examinations for 12 children!  Shop for Wooden Sunglasses

Something Personalized or Customized

Personalized and customizable gifts are always a winner and show that you put a lot of thought into your shopping.  These days you can get almost anything customized for that special someone, and this personalized mug is a good start!   You can also head to Zazzle and shop for everything personalized!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly sweaters have been trending for several years now, and this year is no different!  One of our favorite shops for ugly-ass sweaters is Holiday Fury.  They have a wide range of retro and unique sweaters that will make Christmas morning that much better.
This Kelly KaPOWski sweater is our personal favorite and was floating around the office all month!

Beardo® Animal Ski Masks

We can’t help but include our new Animal Ski masks as an awesome Christmas Gift, they are simply too cool!  Skiiers and Snowboarders just can’t get enough of them and with 16 NEW styles to choose from, there’s a design for everyone!
The favorite design this season is this one by far.





Nintendo NES

The Worldwide struggle to bag a Nintendo NES is very real!  The NES Classic is a miniaturized version of the groundbreaking NES, originally released in 1985.  Just plug the NES Classic Edition into your TV, pick up that rectangular gray controller, and rediscover the joy of over 30 ore-loaded NES games. Good luck getting one, but if you do you are our hero!  
UPDATE:  many stores have already listed their restocked release dates in the next few days!

Pie Face! Just look at that happy little bastard!


You're in for a night full of laughs and pie faces with this game. The pie-throwing arm can go off at any minute. Just make sure it's not your turn when it goes off!  This is good fun for any age and a good chance for adults to get back at kids in the cutest way possible.  You can buy it here

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

Though it is on a bit of an order backlog, those lucky enough to already have the Mavic will notice some very cool things. Most notably the ability to fly up to 7km away at a top speed of 70km/hr, and the fact that it folds up to a size that can fit in your back pocket!
This very intelligent drone also has some awesome features that make it simple to fly (and hard to crash or break) and you can even stream to facebook live with the touch of a button!   It’s not the cheapest gift at a cost of about $1700, but what are friends for right?  Order it here.

Instant Camera

Who knew that Polaroids were going to make a comeback? Now with all different kinds of colored film to develop, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 instant cameras are the newest craze among millennials.  What a magical time to be alive.

Ancestry DNA Test 

If you fancy something a little different this Christmas, why not give someone you know an Ancestry DNA test, which can reveal a person's genetic ethnicity and can even uncover new family connections.  The kits cost just over $100 from the Ancestry website. Using a simple saliva sample, the DNA data provides a prediction of the locations of ancestors from 26 separate world-wide populations.  Very cool.

Heated Socks 

These heated socks reach a maximum temperature of 131º F. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery and ultra-thin heating element provide up to 10 hours of warmth!   They are a great addition to your winter wardrobe!  Shop for them here

Wham-O Snowball Blaster

This blaster takes a snowball fight to a whole new level by launching up to three snowballs at a time. You’ll be amazed at how far they go and how accurate they are. It will give you an unfair advantage, or will help even the playing field if you’re not as good.
Time to go kick some ass!

Meddy Teddy 

Inspire some peace on earth this Christmas and gift a little one (or yoga-lover!) a precious Meddy Teddy. The flexible bear snuggles just like any teddy, but also has a knack for bending his limbs to execute different yoga positions — in perfect form, of course. The new mantra for next year? Namaste.  Check it out.

If you're lucky (or smart) enough to already have any of these gifts in your possession - well done! You are a true hero-gift giver!  If you think we missed something, let us know in the comments, we would love to hear from you about what you think is the best Christmas gift idea of the year!



Animal Ski Masks by Beardo®

Animal Ski Masks

We have been shooting, editing and testing our awesome new animal balaclava designs for over a year now and after all the hard work (and an awesome photoshoot in Australia) it's paid off!  We present to you, our Animal Ski Masks with ears!   These are designed for Adults and Juniors, but we have found that they do fit some kids very, very well too

Priced at only $34.99, you can't go wrong!  Oh.. and if you spend over $75 within Canada or USA, the shipping is on us!




Seeking Awesome Product Testers Now!

Our NEW fun & functional products will be released shortly as Winter approaches, but before that, we will be selecting over 100 fans and sending them Product Packs with a value ranging from $100-200.... for FREE!  All we ask in return is that you take some fun photos and/or vids this winter wearing the products and doing what you do best!  Then just upload to your Instagram or Facebook Page!

We have no requirements to enter but generally looking for people who:

  • Live near snow & regularly gets out to play in it! (ski, snowboard, whatever!)
  • If you don't live near the snow, that's ok!  But you should be able to take other cool pics
  • So clearly you'll need to have a camera, GoPro or Drone and know how to use it.  
  • Followers doesn't matter, but if you have a larger following, that would be bonus!

APPLY NOW: Think you're a good fit, or know someone who is?

All you have to do to be considered for a FREE Product Pack is Follow us on Instagram and Send us a private message there!  We'll be taking a look at all who contact us and deciding over the coming weeks! We are stoked to release our new stuff to you!  Good Luck!

NEW Products & a HUGE Giveaway with INCREDIBEARD™

We teamed up with 'Incredibeard' today for his latest Giveaway. 7 Winners will be chosen on Friday Nov 6th, and each will have their choice of an adult or kid Sized Battle Viking Beard Hat.

Click for Quick Entry and full details. 

NEW STUFF!  YAY! Our New styles include our most extreme creation to date - Our Battle Viking Beard Hat with Detachable & Adjustable Beards!  We have also expanded our styles for the Kids, and added a Limited Edition Dire Wolf Snow & Ice Scraper
















Winter is Coming... Do you know what that means?

Its quite possibly our favorite time of year.  After a hot summer we come back refreshed and ready for the snow!   Over the last year we have been hard at work designing new products and packaging and now is the time we get to unveil them all to the world.   In reality, It's a never ending process but one we love.  We start with a crude concept and bounce back and forth within the testing and refining stages until we are happy to show it off.  

This fall we will be unveiling our hard work and posting 12 new items for sale.   As always we always like to give our subscribers (subscribe below) the first showing though our email list,  and sometimes we offer gift cards for everyone too!

When we designed the very first beard hat, we were unsure if others would like it as much as us, but this time around, we are convinced our products will be a hit... and that is a very good sign!

Be the first to see our new designs by subscribing to our email list.

Mustache Season Begins!

Lets be honest, there really isn't a mustache season, but we like to think that a nice summer beer is incomplete without one of our slip-on BottleMO™ attached!    It's probably more like wedding season, and with that comes the task of having to pick out party favors for your guests.   If you are having an event this summer, hit us up and our design team can make you a digital mockup of your custom message on our Bottle Mustaches!  Ahhh, mustaches. 

beermo Bottle mustaches

"Caption This" Contest! - Comment to WIN!

As a kickoff to Winter we have decided to put up a $50 gift card to for the BEST caption for the picture below.  Simply comment with your caption idea and we'll have our gerbil pick a winner (no, really... he has a great sense of humor!).   Enter as much as you like and we'll draw a winner on Friday and announce here and on Facebook!   Happy Captioning!

Oh.. and all of our NEW gear is launching in a week ... be sure to subscribe to see them first & get special discounts!



 ** We have a Winner!  ... congrats to Russell for his caption: 'Who needs clothing when you have a beardo!!!'.  he has won a $50 gift card!

BeerFest was awesome! (as far as we recall)

Just back from an epic weekend at the Colorado Convention center for The Great American BeerFest of 2014

Our BeerMo Bottle Mustaches made their first appearance to the World of beer lovers and makers alike and needless to say, everyone involved had a stellar time.  The weather in Denver was nothing short of perfect and it made for an incredible buzz around the city.  Because the show was sold out within minutes, the Convention Center denied access to the big blue bear, but he's probably not the coolest drunk, anyway.

The entertainment line up was non stop from Donovan Frankenreiter to a live Karaoke stage staring whoever was brave enough after a couple of booth stops. Needless to say, bravery was at an all time high.. just how we like it.

From the multiple award winning Great Divide Brewery to the amazing booth displays and pour options at Dogfish Head, Green Flash and Pabst (just to name a few) .. We were never thirsty and have never tasted such wicked concoctions.
Vanilla, chocolate, pumpkin and coffee beers were huge, as was the crowd.  The dress code was anything and everything and nothing was discouraged...Except dropping your beer stein.

Cheers to the GABF and for the exceptional show they put on this year.  We love seeing these hard working breweries getting the chance to mingle with the beer lovers of the world and being recognized for a brew well done.

Until next year!  Cheers!


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