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When we go to tradeshows every season, we are sure to bring lots of our custom branded Bottle Mustaches instead of just a heap of business cards. They are fun, offer lots of branding room and can actually fit onto baby pacifiers as well!  When I say 'lots' … I mean lots!  We generally bring anywhere from 5000-10,000 BeerMo's for a 3 day event.  Let me tell you, people love them!  To this day, we have never been past the second day with leftover Bottle mustaches!   On top of that, people seek us out because they saw others with them, isn't that awesome!  This kind of attention is the effect you want isn't it?

We have always been asked by companies if we can work with them to produce custom promotional products based on our patented designs.  We have taken on some really fun jobs and worked with sports teams, video game designers and even some well known beverage companies to provide custom Beard hats, beanies and Bottle Mustaches.   Now, It was harder for us to allow for this type of custom designs in the past, but with the recent acquiring of our new custom production facility, that has all changed!

We are happy to announce that we can now offer full custom services for our products at a corporate/ promotional level to everyone to help get you noticed, and make your promotional events the best they can be!

Minimums do apply, but our designers will ensure your custom designs will do their jobs and get you some extra attention.   Get in touch with our team members today! 

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