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There is no board meeting better than a snowboard meeting!
That's why we took our beard hats and skimasks and headed to the Nagano prefecture, which is an amazing area and previously home to the 1998 Winter Olympic games.    After quite a long flight we hopped in a van and traveled another 3 hours to the Hakuba area and booked into the Morino Lodge.  which is owned by an American and a Brit, who is also the town mayor somehow.  Its a great area right at the base of the Northern Alps and the gateway to 10 great ski areas with a total of 200 runs and 139 lifts... its unreal!


We went in March at the end of the snow season so we got a great deal, but was even more happy when we arrived and were hit by the largest snowfall of the season!  The runs were near empty and we had full access to all the areas! We were so happy that we brought some extra Beard hats for the trip as we ended up meeting lots of people that wanted to try them!

During our visit, we were able to ski 5 of the 10 areas and noticed that each offered their own unique qualities.  Our favorite ski areas were Cortina, Tsugaike and Happoone.  Happo one was an all rounder with a range of runs of varying levels, while Cortina and Tsugaike seemed to have endless snow and more advanced runs as well as the tree runs.

The food, people and snow were all really great and we'll definitely go back.  Below is a compilation vid from the whole trip and a few photos of our shenanigans along the way.


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