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When it comes to ski masks and balaclavas there are a lot of options available today but the best ski mask for you will suit your particular activities and needs, and the surrounding weather conditions.
Another thing to consider is that you want to stay warm but you also want to stay safe. Your ski mask must allow you to see, hear and breathe.

Beardo has put a lot of time and testing and planning into our Patented Ski mask designs and it definitely comes through!  All of our ski masks are both Backcountry & Park Tested so even before the design was finished to completion we had tested during each phase.

Some of the stand out features that go into making the ski mask HD range is that we have designed the Worlds Only true 360º Seamless HD design.  That means that the not only the design is a true all around print, but the material also has no uncomfortable seams or stitching!

We engineer all facemasks with Anti-Microbial Material to ensure that your product stays clean and stink-free! With our integrated Fresh Air Breathe Hole and Element-repelling Flex™ Material you'll be able to breathe freely and be protected from the elements On top of that we have also integrated a Soft fleece lining for maximum temperature regulation during your long ski and snowboarding days!

last but not least, we currently offer over 25 face mask designs so you can look cool while you ride.
If we can keep you warmer longer, you'll stay playing, and that's all we want!

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