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Whether you are a past customer or a new fan, you can enter to win 1 of 15 Gift cards in 3 simple ways: Write a quick product review, become a Fan on Google+ or follow Beardo on instagram.

We will randomly select 15 winners on Mon Sept 8th and each will receive a Beardo Gift card valued at $35 so you can buy anything you want from our shop.   The way we see it is, if 50 people enter, that's a 1 in 3 chance of winning! 

WAYS TO ENTER: OPTION 1 - Review to Win 1 of 10 Gift Cards

We have added the ability to review our products right on the site, and are looking for some creative and fun reviews.  Tell us what you think of your beardo product and you'll be entered to win 1 of 10 Gift cards.

To Enter, simply go to the Beardo website, click on any product and click 'Write a review'.  You may want to write about your experience with the product and how you use it.  There is no limit to the amount of times you can review, so you can increase your odds by reviewing more than one product (Whatever you write, please be sure to make your review helpful to others).  

OPTION 2 - Follow us & win 1 of 5 Gift cards!

Just follow the Beardo Google+ Page and you're entered.  Thats it!  Want to enter again?  Become a fan of Beardo on Instagram.  Easy huh? We will randomly select 5 entries from our Google+ and Instagram pages to win.  We will announce together with the 10 review winners on Mon Sept 8th.

Good Luck to all.  Winners will be announced right here on our Blog.


WINNERS UPDATE! .... and the 15 winners are:

Instagram followers:

1 heatherDarren
2 Kesha_tamster
3 officialThomaz
4 caraxoxoxoxo
5 Olanzag

Reviews (and the product they reviewed)
1.  Jasper Hill  (lion mask review)
2. Sherry Woodbeck   (houdini)
3. Blake - Beardo
4. Rory Stien - Beardo
5. Kelli - Houdini
6. Rory Stien -ocean blue beardo
7. Tiffany - peak rider
8  Heidi - (beardo gift)
9. Deborah -  (houdini)
10. Aidan K -(ninja mask)


Winners are being contacted by email and on Instagram if that info is available.  More to come!


Matthew Smith :

Beardowear, the most manly and womanly clothing anyone can wear! it deflects all cold and warms your face ‘just like a real beard’ They fit and feel so good that they all attract complements even from men with beards. After 2 years of using my beardo, it is still in high quality and is always fashionable with or without the attachable beard.

September 02 2014

Michel Beauchamp:

Done!! Good luck to all! §:c)

September 02 2014

Joe Rapuano:

Beardo head gear is a great product. Fun yet functional!

September 02 2014


Simply love your products!! Well done;))

September 04 2014


Beardo is a full fictional product for so many uses and will be with you forever and I’m sure you’ll buy more then just one. With so many choices and colours and choices to choose from you can personalize one or a few for yourself. A must have in any winter blizzard storm that you encounter and stay warm and be functional. It has made my winters much more enjoyable!

Cheers to Beardo!

September 04 2014


Greatness has been achieved! the touque/beard combo! will be ordering a new one in a different color this year to change things up…

I’ve worn the touque by itself a couple times and its still awesome, but even more awesome with the beard attached.

keep up the great work!

September 04 2014

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