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Its quite possibly our favorite time of year.  After a hot summer we come back refreshed and ready for the snow!   Over the last year we have been hard at work designing new products and packaging and now is the time we get to unveil them all to the world.   In reality, It's a never ending process but one we love.  We start with a crude concept and bounce back and forth within the testing and refining stages until we are happy to show it off.  

This fall we will be unveiling our hard work and posting 12 new items for sale.   As always we always like to give our subscribers (subscribe below) the first showing though our email list,  and sometimes we offer gift cards for everyone too!

When we designed the very first beard hat, we were unsure if others would like it as much as us, but this time around, we are convinced our products will be a hit... and that is a very good sign!

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