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Our NEW fun & functional products will be released shortly as Winter approaches, but before that, we will be selecting over 100 fans and sending them Product Packs with a value ranging from $100-200.... for FREE!  All we ask in return is that you take some fun photos and/or vids this winter wearing the products and doing what you do best!  Then just upload to your Instagram or Facebook Page!

We have no requirements to enter but generally looking for people who:

  • Live near snow & regularly gets out to play in it! (ski, snowboard, whatever!)
  • If you don't live near the snow, that's ok!  But you should be able to take other cool pics
  • So clearly you'll need to have a camera, GoPro or Drone and know how to use it.  
  • Followers doesn't matter, but if you have a larger following, that would be bonus!

APPLY NOW: Think you're a good fit, or know someone who is?

All you have to do to be considered for a FREE Product Pack is Follow us on Instagram and Send us a private message there!  We'll be taking a look at all who contact us and deciding over the coming weeks! We are stoked to release our new stuff to you!  Good Luck!


Bill Boudreau:

I live in Northern Ontario; ‘nuff said… We live for winter! I have one Beardo product now and love it! I have had my eye on a viking toque for a while now. They’re great for ice fishing, snowmobiling, shoveling the driveway; you name it!


August 03 2016

Tom Williams:

I’ve had a bitchin beard for the last 18+ months, live in Massachusetts (where there is theoretically a brutal winter), and am married with 4 kids. I’d love to have some of your stuff to test with my wife and kids.

August 03 2016

Allan Mogensen:

I drive a Triumph Spitfire 1969 and has no cover – so I freezes well enough around my ears in the Danish winter – it would be interesting if there could create something interesting for us – there must be many drivers there want Wind in the hair but not ice in the beard.

August 03 2016

Luke Staben :

Hook a brother up

August 03 2016

Paul Derlis:

I live in Ontario, the coolest part of Canada!! My three kids and I get out on the slopes as often as possible and I already have the sugar skull mask. I even wear it when I go running in the fall and winter!!!

August 03 2016

Craig arnel:

May not live near snow during summer, but compete in MMA as well as rugby. Also son laughs at me without the manly beard.

August 03 2016

James Dovin:

I work in some cold weather. I bend metal for window and door installs and your face protection is fun and warm. The guys on my crew had a lot of fun with what I own. We could do a group photo on the job to post.

August 03 2016

Logan Kuczkowski:

I have a beardo and LOVE it! I love to ski and am on the slopes as much as I can be in the Winter, it helps that I live in Ohio : ) Last year took multiple trips to NY and Colorado too.

August 03 2016

Tracie Kuczkowski:

Skiing is my life as well as my families, six of us total and always in the powder. Live in a snow climate and love to take pics!

August 03 2016

Agata Yeilding:

I would like to be be considered for a FREE Product Pack. We have a house of four skiers and a snow boarder. I got our boys beardo hats (10 and 13) a couple of years ago and grew out of them super fast.
We also got this year a goPro camera that we used all winter while we skied in monte tremblant!


August 03 2016

Logan Threlkeld:

I would like to see and test your new line of products.

August 03 2016

Nathan beaudette:

Been a fan of Beardowear since my first Beardo 6 years ago. Use it every year snowboarding!

August 03 2016



August 03 2016

RJ Riemensnider:

Pary on, Wayne!

August 03 2016

Felice Sera-Shriar:

I would really love to get 2 cool hats and beards for my 5 and 7 year old grandsons. Their Dad has a really cool beard, for real!

August 03 2016

Michael Landis:

I live in Marquette MI. I regularly use my GoPro and Phantom drone to capture my families adventures. We have adventured to the ice caves on the Shores of Lale Superior. We enjoy snowshowing, cross-country skiing, ice climbing and exploring.

August 03 2016

Steve Buque:

would love the opportunity to represent your brand on the slopes, I love getting attention with loud accessories looking to purchase your viking hat as soon as back in stock in uk and also like the look of lion mask as think this will look insane combined with my oakley medusa/googles

August 03 2016


I have two teenage boys who are both extreme ski enthusiasts and LOVE your products! Keep kicking out such cool products!

August 03 2016

Matt Sullivan:

I would love to try out some of your products

August 03 2016

Roman Andrei Ionut:

Hi guys! You’re doing a great job!
Your products are insane!

Keep up the good work! :)
I have instagram, but i’m more like a facebook/pokemon player so i dont know how to send private messages. _
Love you!

August 03 2016

cody bennett:

I have a couple of your products and I love them. I always get asked where did you get those and who makes them. Great job Beardo!

August 03 2016


Sounds like a win/win situation. I will be out in the element’s this winter and it’’s always nice to do it in style. Please let me test your products and you won’t be disappointed.

August 03 2016

Enrique Ramirez :

Im ready to get wild and see how wild your products really are.

August 03 2016

Pierre-Luc Meunier:

I live in Quebec where we have harsh winters. There’s some historic and otherwise awesome places I’d like to go around this winter, and I always take pictures!

August 03 2016

Francesco Oghabi:

Hi! We have a photographic store and we would like to use your product for some photos and portrait.
Our website is

Best regardsa

August 03 2016


Hi guys, you create great stuff!

August 03 2016

Brandon Jarvis:

Love these, my mom bought me one two years ago and it’s very cool. I exercise and bike in Nashville, would love to try new ones out.

August 03 2016

Brandon foster:


August 03 2016

Robin Wilkes:

We’d love to give these a try! Adults and teens here will be fighting over the chance to shine in these

August 03 2016

jodie brown:

I’m old, 53, but i have A LOT of personality in me,only problem is I don’t do instagram,twitter,and only occasionally facebook because I’m out there living. I mtn bike,ATV,hot tubs,hiking and lifting weights.
Its a shame I can’t be a part of this just because Im not a fan of social media. i’m an artist and do huge festivals all over Colorado and I already own 3 beardos and have given them to my other old folk friends. They are a riot! I have worn them biking and hiking and on halloween. I love them and will probably be a lifetime fan. I will have fun wearing them whether I can participate in beardo events in social media. They are a fun warm and well made product,cute as heck idea…just sayin.

August 03 2016

Raymond C. Sanchez:

I live where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains so, snow in winter is plentiful.

August 03 2016

Toufic Kabbouche:

Great fun look and feel

August 03 2016

Beau Kentala :

Would love a black Viking beardo, I do repos and would be awesome to wear to keep warm, I deal with s lot of people, so it would be seen often, thanks a bunch.

August 03 2016

George Kelly:

Climbing Kilimanjaro this summer send me some stuff please

August 03 2016

Jeffrey Dall:

I am a long time customer and have turned a lot of people on to beardo. Not only In Canada but worldwide my friends and family love it and use it. COOL STUFF!

August 03 2016

Vance McCraw :

Love your products.

August 03 2016


I love this Product.

August 03 2016

Jeffreydall :

I have been a patron ever since dragons den. I have not only used the products but given them as gifts. I turned on my friends in Canada and worldwide. They’re not only cool and useful they’re just fun. Sorry I don’t have a go pro but I’ve used the gear from Vancouver to Ontario and now my bros have it in the US

August 03 2016

Kathy Gray:

Omg would love this! I live near the pocono mountains. My boyfriend and two teenage sons love to go camping and spend time outdoors. I have a go pro too! We also motorcycle, which would be awesome to wear a beardo then.

August 03 2016

Kevin Kemp:

I’d be interested in a product pack. I live in Syracuse NY, spend a lot of time outdoors all year long in upstate NY and southern Ontario Canada, and have a Sony Action cam.

August 03 2016

Farrell Bell:

I have a GoPro! I live in NYC! We get Snow! I am awesome! I’ll instagram the shit out of any product you give me.

August 03 2016

Anders Jensen:

Fun and adventurous guy from Sweden, love to test and try your products!

August 03 2016

Kristin Grabowski:

I’m old. . . I don’t have an instagram account. I would love a product pack though. My husband would definitely wear anything from the Beardo website!

August 03 2016

Aaron Studer:

My whole family loves winter sports, skiing, sledding, ice skating snow mobiling

August 03 2016

Lainee gleeson:

These are AWESOME ?

August 03 2016

DaLee Moorhead:

I Love my green convertible hat I ordered this year!

August 03 2016

Bryan Peretti:

My brother and I live in Bear Valley California. He works for a local sporting good company called SNAK in Arnold Ca. and in the winter he works for the ski resort. My brother and I would be good canidates for the package because we both spend as much time as we can doing some snow sport in the winter including snowboarding, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. We have gopros and regularly post our outdoor adventures and gear we like on social media. It sounds like 1 box would be good for the both of us and we would definitely be excited to share our thoughts on beardo stuff (which we are already a fan of) with our mountain friends and flatlander friends. thanks for the consideration.

August 03 2016

Max Moser:

I LOVE HOCKEY! I’ll be happy to share cool pics to help bring more hockey players to your site.

August 03 2016

Greg Andrews:

I love your products and live next to the Canadian Rocky Mountains. I am an avid snowboarder and go cat skiing at least once per season.

August 03 2016

Sherry Webster:

We have a few of your fantastic products (minus a couple that my son lost – like the viking beard hat ?) we live in Calgary, some of us ski, we toboggan, we explore the mountains and my kids don’t know it yet but a go pro is in their near future as we are avid longboarders and martial artists as well! Until then I have a kick ass camera ?

August 03 2016

Daniel Segura:

You guys have sweet merchandise! I have twin 14 year old boys and a 5 year old daughter who love the snow. Between my wife and I plus our 3 kids we are all Colorado natives who appreciate all seasons, but we rock winter for sure. Would love the opportunity to show off some of your merchandise with our Go Pros of us being awesome……. and looking good while doing it!

August 03 2016

John Hood:

I have a beard which is good for starters and if you check my Instagram account you’ll see I love taking fun pictures! Thanks for the consideration!

August 03 2016

Maggie Grandominico :

I’m a triathlete and have a beardo I wear in the winter and love it! Would love a pack!

August 03 2016

Michael Flick:

My name is Michael Flick and I am a fan of your products. I am a professional photographer and would love to take a bunch of photos with your products. I often where the beard and bennie when golfing. I get lots of chuckles and people want to know where I purchased it. Great for family portraits also. Great fun. Please consider me for a product pack.
Thank you, Michael Flick

August 03 2016

Lisa Antoine:

My husband has a couple of them. I bought them for him because he is outside in the winters and living in northeastern Pennsylvania it gets cold. He said that it keeps his face warm and I don’t have to worry about him using equipment when he wears these.

August 03 2016

Susan Olson:

I personally live near mt. hood in oregon and when the fall comes would love to take some pics with my friends. I bought the beards in the past for my brothers in chicago and they wear them every sunday while watching the show Vikings. It’s a ritual now.

August 03 2016

Jude Thomas:

I’ve bought them for presents, but none for myself. Always wanted to stand above the crowd and having the right beardo would make me an oddity not to be ignored. I’m a 63 year old grandmother of 9 who is not ready for the rocking chair. I enjoy sledding and snowball fights with the grands, as well as jumping in mud puddles. Grandkids would love to see me in a different light…they are tired of me wearing my Freddie mask at Halloween and plain Jane earmuffs sledding. I could use a good Elf headdress for Christmas. Help me change my look and impress the unimpressable!

August 03 2016

Joy :

We love beardo! Can’t wait to break out the gear for our boys this winter again! Everyone always asks where we get such fun items, would love to have more products to see & test!

August 03 2016

Thomas :

Hi beardo!

I would love a chance to win a package! I’m a snowboarding enthusiast that lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. I frequently visit all the nearby mountains during the winter season to get my snowboarding cravings satisfied. This winter I’m planning on hitting up all the major slopes again and it would be awesome to be able to rock some new headgear! I appreciate anything I can get and hope you will pick me as one of the lucky participants!

Best regards,

Thomas Lee

August 03 2016

Michael Ritter:

Love Beardo! We pick up products as Christmas gifts for our family and friends. We live about an hour from several ski slopes and do a ski trip with our friends every year. I would be a great candidate for a product box.

August 03 2016

Dan tyznik:

I’m a cross certified ski and snow board instructor who spends most of my week on snow, and would really enjoy testing products for you!

August 03 2016

Jennifer Ritter:

Yes! Yes!! I want a product pack. I purchase cool stuff from you guys every year. Not only is my husband sporting it, but my two sons (13 & 14) love it too! We have a few of the short beard hats and last year I purchased the facemasks for my kids. So much fun. I’m always excited to see the new products you come out with. I know the beardo gets play at a lot more locations that just ski resorts. I’m ready to start sharing our creativity!

August 03 2016

David mortenson:

This product is good and funny idea

August 03 2016


I want try your new products

August 03 2016

Duane bilby:

Love y’all from texas

August 03 2016

Jon Lamb:

I love adventure. As a high school English teacher I share many adventures with my kids. Last year when we went skiing as a school I wore my panting dog face mask. They were in awe, as yousze! I should be a product tester!

August 03 2016

Francis Henry:

I think your beardo product is sick i really want one.

August 03 2016

Ted W Benninghaus:

Avid outdoors man. Hunter. Fisherman. Skier and photographer with my son Ian who has rec’d products from you before that he has promoted in Thunder Bay…we have many Fri and are active on social media including Facebook and Twitter

August 03 2016

Chris Wintergalen:

I’ve been a huge fan of Beardo products ever since I saw a co worker wear one. I live in the Kansas City area and winter’s here can be brutal at times. I do a lot of outdoor work and this fits my personality to a tee. I use a Go Pro for much of my work. Hope to be chosen as a product tester and product promoter!

August 03 2016

József Joó:

I live in Hungary, but I often travel to Austria and Norway. Both place has nice snowy mountains where i like to snowboard. I always wanted a beardo but never got one. Maybe now I will be lucky and I dont need to buy it.
Keep it up guys!


August 03 2016

Brian Wong:

Excited to try out the products and show my friends, family, and followers with fun pictures

August 03 2016

Jennifer Lerner:

Hey there! My son Joe goes to school in Buffalo, N.Y. And y’all know how much it snows up there! Joe would be stoked if he received one of your product packs. That would put a smile or should I say a Beardo on his face :)
Joe’s Mom

August 03 2016

Cody Gotobed :

I’d love to be a tester, I will be shredding sunpeaks and hoping to send more mountains this season

August 03 2016

Steve Z:

I live in Billings Montana, yes we get snow, and yes I love to play in it!

August 03 2016

Robert Buchan:

Send some more business cards so I can hand them out again this year to friends and my work employees

August 03 2016

Ingebrigt Arnøy:

By the Arctic sea

August 03 2016

Phil brann:

I wanna be a product tester. Hit me up

August 03 2016

Karen Meyer:

I LOVE Beardo :) Live in (sorta) upstate NY…we get SNOW…and while I don’t ski anymore, I make a mean snow angel and can brandish an ice scraper like you’ve never seen :)
I am on Instagram as @rtmbeacon (my massage therapy business page…and I think it would be cool to give a massage ala Beardo!) my personal page is @kamoonski. Also have personal and business FB pages…not a real Tweeter :(
Hope you pick me – I’ll do you proud!

August 03 2016

Nicole :

The original Beardo is a favourite around my house 9 months of the year ! For more than 6 years and counting :)

August 03 2016

ernesto tolosa:

loving it and looking forward

August 03 2016


Hey uh so I’ve always loved beards, but could never grow one :/ still can’t…then one day my wife bough me a beardo! Best gift ever!!!! We live just down the mountain from big bear and own a character entertainment company “Karacters 4 Kids” we use the beardo for our lumber jack character…yeah it’s awesome. And when we camp and play in the snow. My wife and children can’t grow beards either :( we’d love to rock your merch!

August 04 2016

Sara :

Please!! I love your beardo dog mask when I ski can’t wait to see what else you create!

August 04 2016

Terri Echols:

BEARDO products are so unique and super fun for all ages, which is why I love them so much!

August 04 2016

Chris Silva:

With great beard comes great responsibility…. Awesome products guys !

August 04 2016

Alexis Chamberland :

I live in Canada so winter and I are friends since a long time. I don’t have a Facebook profile but I can create one because beardo is just awesome.

August 04 2016

Steve Hernandez:

I’m just entering because why the hell not!! Bring on winter!!!

August 04 2016

Renee Gulrich:

I live in Canada, eh, where we get tons of snow each year.

August 04 2016

Cody MIller:

Love to try your stuff. I hear awesome things.

August 05 2016

Darren R. Erickson:

I live in the Kootenays, where there is snow on the ground from Nov-March. I snowboard, hike and ride a motorcycle. I live in the perfect place to take wicked photos, plus, I’m a true Viking. Bring on the braids! Sköl!

August 05 2016

Condra Dennys:

I would so love to get this packet for my Daughter and grandkids. They do so many things in a year, they ski at Big Bear, the boys are Boy Scouts along with their Dad Dr Joe who is the scout leader. They always have go-pros on and videotape everything. In the last few months they have gone White Water Rafting in Colorado, Then another water trip somewhere in Arizona, just came back from a 2 week hike in New Mexico. I bought the boys your product for a gift and would love for them to show you many other uses for the free packet.

August 06 2016

Matthew Orticello:

I plan to board a lot this winter and good gear is always a good thing

August 07 2016


beardo’s are not just for weirdo’s!! They are for everyone! Great quality product, that really does the job and looks great too!

August 16 2016

Shannon Greathouse:

These are awesome! I live in the UP. I’m a Yooper!! I would love to try your products out and continue to spread the word!

July 09 2018

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