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To really get that “WOW” moment on Christmas morning takes some serious thinking and a lot of shopping around to find the perfect gift!  You don't want to be the type of giver who tries to get away with just grabbing some gift cards, lottery tickets or pre-wrapped chocolates!
With more seemingly new and exciting products on the market than ever before (some of which are back-ordered to the moon) we wanted to take the time to highlight our top Christmas gifts for 2019!  Some are sold out, some are not, but either way, these are the best gifts that your family and friends will TRULY Love!  In no particular order:


Something Handmade BY MoldyCreations

moldy creations
We realize it may not be a perfect gift for your granny, but there is no denying that a handmade gift is always a great idea!  Joe Rowles from Moldycreations is a madly talented artist and has been making some utterly disgusting designs and selling though his ETSY shop.  From phone cases, to wine glasses, these will shock or delight most people on your list, hopefully both!  Check out his designs here


Ugly Christmas Suit - by Shinesty


ugly christmas suit

Forget about the ugly Christmas Sweater this season and take a look at the ugly Christmas suits from Shinesty!  These guys are hilarious and a lot of fun and it shows through their product designs!   We highly recommend you browse their stuff for some serious shopping, or just for a laugh!   They even have ugly Christmas dresses for the ladies!

GROWN® Wooden Sunglasses 

GROWN® is the pioneer of wood sunglasses and they even got a deal on the TV show Shark Tank!  Their polarized wood sunglasses are Handcrafted from FSC certified wood.    As if that wasn’t enough, for every pair that is bought, GROWN® pays for sight-restoring eye-surgery for 1 person or diagnostic eye examinations for 12 children!  Shop for Wood Sunglasses

APPLE Airpods

You’ve seen them everywhere. Those wireless Apple earbuds that are on the ears of every commuter and jogger alike. Though we were initially skeptical of how well AirPods actually worked, they turned out to be our favorite wireless earbuds.


Retro Boardgames

Why buy new when you can find some really awesome retro boardgames in your local facebook marketplace? Operation, Trump and Risk are just a few we have come across.  Have a quick look and we think you'll find something fun and even obscure. Just look at how much fun the happy asshole above is having...that could be you!


PUGG Lumberjack slippers by POOK

ugg boots

We do love our lumberjack stuff!  If you like your UGG boots as much as we do, then you'll love these PUGGS!  Pook has been making fun and unique products for years, and this year they came out with a real winner in the PUGGS. Shop for them here

Weighted Gravity Blanket

Weighted blankets have become increasingly popular because not only are they comfortable, but the extra weight has a calming effect. When we tested some, we found we liked snuggling up with the Gravity Blanket the most. This would be a great gift for anyone who loves cozying up with a warm cup of tea or needs an extra stress reliever in their life.


Retro 80's T-shirts

retro tshirts

Everything comes back again... or maybe they just never went out of fashion!   Truly though, everyone appreciates a good t-shirt, and 80's Tees has the widest range we have ever seen!  Check them out

Beardo® Animal Ski Masks

We can’t help but include our new Animal Ski masks as an awesome Christmas Gift, they are simply too cool!  Skiiers and Snowboarders just can’t get enough of them and with 23 fun styles to choose from, there’s a design for everyone!
The favorite design this season is this one by far.




Super Nintendo SNES - Classic Edition!

super nintendo classic

Just like the Worldwide struggle to bag a Nintendo Mini last season, this year the Super Nintendo Classic edition is being released and it's harder than ever to get one! Just plug the SNES Classic Edition into your TV, pick up that rectangular gray controller, and rediscover the joy of over 30 pre-loaded SNES games. Good luck getting one, but if you do you'll be the envy of nearly every child and adult on the planet!

Pie Face! Just look at that happy little psychopath!


We know we mentioned board games above, but this one deserves special mention! It is no longer new, but probably easier to get this year! You're in for a night full of laughs and pie faces with this game. The pie-throwing arm can go off at any minute. Just make sure it's not your turn when it goes off!  This is good fun for any age and a good chance for adults to get back at kids in the cutest way possible.  You can buy it here

Ancestry DNA Test 

If you fancy something a little different this Christmas, why not give someone you know an Ancestry DNA test, which can reveal a person's genetic ethnicity and can even uncover new family connections.  The kits cost just over $100 from the Ancestry website. Using a simple saliva sample, the DNA data provides a prediction of the locations of ancestors from 26 separate world-wide populations.  Very cool.

If you're lucky (or smart) enough to already have any of these gifts in your possession - well done! You are a true hero-gift giver!  If you think we missed something, let us know in the comments, we would love to hear from you about what you think is the best Christmas gift idea of the year!


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