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Winter is Coming... Do you know what that means?

Its quite possibly our favorite time of year.  After a hot summer we come back refreshed and ready for the snow!   Over the last year we have been hard at work designing new products and packaging and now is the time we get to unveil them all to the world.   In reality, It's a never ending process but one we love.  We start with a crude concept and bounce back and forth within the testing and refining stages until we are happy to show it off.  

This fall we will be unveiling our hard work and posting 12 new items for sale.   As always we always like to give our subscribers (subscribe below) the first showing though our email list,  and sometimes we offer gift cards for everyone too!

When we designed the very first beard hat, we were unsure if others would like it as much as us, but this time around, we are convinced our products will be a hit... and that is a very good sign!

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Mustache Season Begins!

Lets be honest, there really isn't a mustache season, but we like to think that a nice summer beer is incomplete without one of our slip-on BottleMO™ attached!    It's probably more like wedding season, and with that comes the task of having to pick out party favors for your guests.   If you are having an event this summer, hit us up and our design team can make you a digital mockup of your custom message on our Bottle Mustaches!  Ahhh, mustaches. 

beermo Bottle mustaches

"Caption This" Contest! - Comment to WIN!

As a kickoff to Winter we have decided to put up a $50 gift card to for the BEST caption for the picture below.  Simply comment with your caption idea and we'll have our gerbil pick a winner (no, really... he has a great sense of humor!).   Enter as much as you like and we'll draw a winner on Friday and announce here and on Facebook!   Happy Captioning!

Oh.. and all of our NEW gear is launching in a week ... be sure to subscribe to see them first & get special discounts!



 ** We have a Winner!  ... congrats to Russell for his caption: 'Who needs clothing when you have a beardo!!!'.  he has won a $50 gift card!

BeerFest was awesome! (as far as we recall)

Just back from an epic weekend at the Colorado Convention center for The Great American BeerFest of 2014

Our BeerMo Bottle Mustaches made their first appearance to the World of beer lovers and makers alike and needless to say, everyone involved had a stellar time.  The weather in Denver was nothing short of perfect and it made for an incredible buzz around the city.  Because the show was sold out within minutes, the Convention Center denied access to the big blue bear, but he's probably not the coolest drunk, anyway.

The entertainment line up was non stop from Donovan Frankenreiter to a live Karaoke stage staring whoever was brave enough after a couple of booth stops. Needless to say, bravery was at an all time high.. just how we like it.

From the multiple award winning Great Divide Brewery to the amazing booth displays and pour options at Dogfish Head, Green Flash and Pabst (just to name a few) .. We were never thirsty and have never tasted such wicked concoctions.
Vanilla, chocolate, pumpkin and coffee beers were huge, as was the crowd.  The dress code was anything and everything and nothing was discouraged...Except dropping your beer stein.

Cheers to the GABF and for the exceptional show they put on this year.  We love seeing these hard working breweries getting the chance to mingle with the beer lovers of the world and being recognized for a brew well done.

Until next year!  Cheers!

Great American Beer Festival

Each year, the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado takes place and gives us a great way to warm up to the beer drinking season.  The Beerfest represents the largest collection of U.S. beer ever served,  in a public taster event and competition.

We will be at the festival this year showing off our BeerMO Bottle Mustaches!  Come and say hello and we'll give you a free Mo!  We now offer custom branding for your promotional needs too ~ check out our custom promo page.

We hope to see you there and have a beer!

How to Choose a Ski Mask

When it comes to ski masks and balaclavas there are a lot of options available today but the best ski mask for you will suit your particular activities and needs, and the surrounding weather conditions.
Another thing to consider is that you want to stay warm but you also want to stay safe. Your ski mask must allow you to see, hear and breathe.

Beardo has put a lot of time and testing and planning into our Patented Ski mask designs and it definitely comes through!  All of our ski masks are both Backcountry & Park Tested so even before the design was finished to completion we had tested during each phase.

Some of the stand out features that go into making the ski mask HD range is that we have designed the Worlds Only true 360º Seamless HD design.  That means that the not only the design is a true all around print, but the material also has no uncomfortable seams or stitching!

We engineer all facemasks with Anti-Microbial Material to ensure that your product stays clean and stink-free! With our integrated Fresh Air Breathe Hole and Element-repelling Flex™ Material you'll be able to breathe freely and be protected from the elements On top of that we have also integrated a Soft fleece lining for maximum temperature regulation during your long ski and snowboarding days!

last but not least, we currently offer over 25 face mask designs so you can look cool while you ride.
If we can keep you warmer longer, you'll stay playing, and that's all we want!

The 2014 British Beard and Moustache Championships

We really dig this at Beardo.  This little contest is right up our alley and right around the corner.
bowling beard
What on earth…?
Yes indeed, it’s the 2014 British Beard and Moustache Championships!
The finest whiskers in all the land will be gathering in the Bath Pavilion on September 13th, 2014 to compete for everlasting glory and fame.  Why not get growing and grooming and join us? You don’t even have to live in Britain, we’d love to welcome you from anywhere in the world. Who knows, you could become a champion and be carried away on the shoulders of your adoring fans.

But it’s not all about competing, it’s a great fun day out for young and old, with eye-popping beards and moustaches, exclusive merchandise, and you’ll be helping to raise money for some very worthy causes.
beard contest logo

New Giveaway! $525 in Gift Cards up for grabs!

Whether you are a past customer or a new fan, you can enter to win 1 of 15 Gift cards in 3 simple ways: Write a quick product review, become a Fan on Google+ or follow Beardo on instagram.

We will randomly select 15 winners on Mon Sept 8th and each will receive a Beardo Gift card valued at $35 so you can buy anything you want from our shop.   The way we see it is, if 50 people enter, that's a 1 in 3 chance of winning! 

WAYS TO ENTER: OPTION 1 - Review to Win 1 of 10 Gift Cards

We have added the ability to review our products right on the site, and are looking for some creative and fun reviews.  Tell us what you think of your beardo product and you'll be entered to win 1 of 10 Gift cards.

To Enter, simply go to the Beardo website, click on any product and click 'Write a review'.  You may want to write about your experience with the product and how you use it.  There is no limit to the amount of times you can review, so you can increase your odds by reviewing more than one product (Whatever you write, please be sure to make your review helpful to others).  

OPTION 2 - Follow us & win 1 of 5 Gift cards!

Just follow the Beardo Google+ Page and you're entered.  Thats it!  Want to enter again?  Become a fan of Beardo on Instagram.  Easy huh? We will randomly select 5 entries from our Google+ and Instagram pages to win.  We will announce together with the 10 review winners on Mon Sept 8th.

Good Luck to all.  Winners will be announced right here on our Blog.


WINNERS UPDATE! .... and the 15 winners are:

Instagram followers:

1 heatherDarren
2 Kesha_tamster
3 officialThomaz
4 caraxoxoxoxo
5 Olanzag

Reviews (and the product they reviewed)
1.  Jasper Hill  (lion mask review)
2. Sherry Woodbeck   (houdini)
3. Blake - Beardo
4. Rory Stien - Beardo
5. Kelli - Houdini
6. Rory Stien -ocean blue beardo
7. Tiffany - peak rider
8  Heidi - (beardo gift)
9. Deborah -  (houdini)
10. Aidan K -(ninja mask)


Winners are being contacted by email and on Instagram if that info is available.  More to come!

Beardo retailer profile:

If you ever find yourself travelling in Iceland and lacking facial hair, why not visit our friends at Hokus Pokus?  They have a retail location in Reykjavik, the Icelandic capital and a pretty rocking on-line shop here.

Don't fret about the prices on their cool swag, it's in Krona (1 USD is equivalent to 0.0087 Icelandic Krona).  

They sell all sorts of quirky, unique and funny stuff.  Considering their business model and the climate in Iceland, is there any wonder they proudly carry Beardo merchandise?

They consider themselves the number one costume store in Reykjavík, also stocking novelties, incense, t-shirts and such.  If we ever make it to Iceland, we'll be sure to visit our friends and we hope you do too.  To help inspire you, we've added some photos of the local flavour there:


iceland mountains travel



beautiful Icelandic girls

The age old question: skiing or snowboarding?

Perhaps you're missing out if you don't try a bit of both?

It's quite a debate if you're looking to head to the slopes for the first time.  Which should you try first?

Ease of learning:






The Injuries:


Avalanche danger:



Skiing (OK, we'll give you one!)


The winner by split decision............


Get the swag to keep you warm at


beardo on the slopes