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a la ten reasons to break out the Beardo this winter

From the home office in Whistler, British Columbia.


Top 10 reasons to break out the Beardo this winter:

  • a Beardo is a touque (beanie) on steroids 
  • chicks dig beards 
  • some dudes dig beards
  • less itchy than the real thing
  • it's more manly than a wussy hipster manicured beard
  • you'll be well noticed and no one will run into you on the slopes! 
  • it's fuzzy and soft
  • double team it over top of your real beard for double manliness/warmth
  • two words: Playoff Beardo 

And the top reason to break out the Beardo this winter...................


  • It's freezing out there!!!

David Letterman


No Beard, No Good

The Beardo team are proud supporters of the Beards 

They wrote this wonderful ditty and all credit goes to them.

No Beard, No Good:

No beard, No good 
There's not enough beards in my neighbourhood 
And you can tell me you can't 
I know that you could 
You've got no beard and you're, no good 


Well there's a beardless man in the flat next door 
I've never spoken to him before and I never will 
until he grows a beard 

and there's a beardless man in the flat below 
I ignore him when he says hello and I always will 
Until he grows a beard 

Until he grows a beard 

No beard, No good 
There's not enough beards in my neighbourhood 
And you can tell me you can't 
I know that you could 
You've got no beard and you're, no good 

Well there's a beardless boy playing in the street 
I pass him and I spit at his feet, it's his own fault 
He should have had a beard 

And there's a beardless girl I broke her heart 
I also keyed her car, it's her own fault 
She should have had a beard 

She should have had a beard 

No beard, No good 
There's not enough beards in my neighbourhood 
And you can tell me you can't 
I know that you could 
You've got no beard and you're, no good 

Well there's a beardless banker, he calls me on the phone 
He asks me to pay back my loan, but I won't 
Not until he grows a beard 

And there's a beardless man, he calls me son 
He asks me to dinner but I never come, and I won't 
Not until he grows a beard 

Until he grows a beard 

No beard, No good 
There's not enough beards in my neighbourhood 
And you can tell me you can't 
I know that you could 
You've got no beard and therefore you're, no good 

No good, no good, no good

The Beards



Any folks in our audience seen them live?  Let us know! 


The Bearded Farmer, the Fox, Chicken, corn and the River: Solution

We hope you took at least a few minutes to try and figure it out!  The answer to our divergent thinking question is as follows:

The bearded farmer and the chicken cross the river, (the fox and corn are safe together), he leaves the chicken on the other side and goes back across.

The bearded farmer then takes the fox across the river, and since he can't leave the fox and chicken together, he brings the chicken back.

Again, since the chicken and corn can't be left together, he leaves the chicken alone and he takes the corn across and leaves it with the fox. He then returns to pick up the chicken and heads across the river one last time.

Did you get it?

What does Cosmo know anyway?

Fashion Fail!?

Those Cosmo writers are just pissed they can't grow a beard, we reckon that's one of the best reasons to own a Beardo!  

Cosmo should probably stick to threesome confessions, skin cream, and telling if "he's more than just a friend".  Kidding Cosmo ladies, we love ya!  Thanks for the press!

Check out our press page.  How do you like Miley's new look?! 


Ski lift beardo  


Our Favorite Facebook Fan sends us Naked Photos.

We love all of our fans, but this one takes the cake and is constantly sending us nudies.  We really do appreciate the grand gesture, but here is a direct link to their profile ... take a look and let us know what you think!  Perhaps we'll post some of the classy ones on this blog!  

Do you have BIG dreams of becoming Beardo's favorite pervy fan someday?  There is nothing more satisfying to our team than seeing one of our Original Beard hats, Facemasks or BottleMo's displayed on our scantily clad fans.  Get in touch, and don't be shy!  ;)

Don't forget to SHARE and Tag your friends and of course keep smiling!

Feature Beardo retailer: Busted Tees

Do you like to laugh?

Do you buy stuff online?

Do you often wear t-shirts and/or other types of clothing?

Ever since Alanis Morisette completely missed the point, irony has been one of the most misused words in the English language.... having said that these guys do ironic shirts right.

From the crew that brought you College Humor, Busted Tees have been selling funny & original swag (including Beardo) since 2004.....all via the internet! 

Check that action out, or you just may get a free ride when you've already paid.

beermo man



Best place in the world to wear a Beardo????

Where is the most applicable place in the world you have sported your Beardo?

High level business meeting?  

At your sisters wedding?

United Nations conference?

Sure, Whistler, Aspen, the Alps and the like are more obvious choices when you're shredding pow and crushing beers Apres (or sodas for you under age Beardo brains).

Close but no cigar.....Have you heard of Karabar, or Jerrabomberra, NSW, Australia?  Have you heard of an even smaller town wedged in between the two?

Beard, NSW is what you'll find.  Hmmm, we should chase up our order history to see if we have any customers there.  

Been to Beard, NSW, Australia?  Send us your photos and comment! 


bondi beard

The Creation of Our Mascot: Finding a Yeti

I remember when I was a kid my dad use to dress in a semi-realistic Gorilla costume at Halloween (and sometimes when he had a few too many beers) and would get great joy from scaring the crap out of trick-or-treaters.  That may have subconsciously been a motivator behind the development of our Beardo Yeti mascot, but it also likely has something to do with our love of the movie 'Harry and the Hendersons!'

When the Beardo crew started doing tradeshows and snowshows, we quickly realized that we needed something to stand out from the crowd.  What better than a 7 foot Yeti?   We started brainstorming and sketching possible designs.. many of which were just too cute.  We knew what we wanted and luckily exactly who we wanted to create him… in comes master artist Arturo Balseiro (Owner of Dharma Studios - Spain)

Based in Spain, Arturo has worked on many amazing projects and was part of the Oscar Winning team on Pan's Labyrinth.  He was also a sculptor and makeup artist in movies like "The Chronicles of Narnia", "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" and designed the characters in blockbusters like "Men in Black 3", "Supermax", "The Wolves Arga " and "Spanish movie". 
Together we worked with Arturo to create the face and expression more than anything else.  We also kept in mind that Yeti's can be scary, so we manipulated the mouth to make him look a bit more friendly (the last thing we wanted was children crying all around us… and the first thing we wanted was beautiful women all around us!)

Arturo and his team worked hard over about 2 months to sculpt the finer details and to pad the muscle suit to give him a lot of mass, especially in the shoulders and neck.   The final process included adding in a mixture of real yak hair and acrylic hair one hair at a time!  This gives the face a very realistic look, and we made him fashionable by adding one final touch of our own.  Once the yeti suit arrived, we were stoked! We took turns trying it on (which isn't easy and takes about 10 minutes to suit up).


It has so far been put to great use at tradeshows and events and even worn at Halloween.  We haven't used it to scare any kids yet, but that is definitely on the list! We did however have the chance to scare a few adults:


What would you use him for?  Give us some ideas!  Oh, and coming this season, you can get your very own Yeti Facemask as part of our Ultra-Realistic Ski mask series, watch for it!

Click here to find out more about Arturo's work (spanish)

Travel Teaser! Coolest (coldest?) ski bum town on Earth

Beardos  are perfect for riding the pow.  Hitting the slopes is a wonderful excuse to take a holiday somewhere exotic!  Here are our top ski destinations and by extension, they are also our top Beardo destinations.

Boring algebra: x + y = z 

Boarding holiday: board + snow = Beardo 

beardo algebra

Whistler (Canada)

Aspen (USA)

Val Thorens (France)

Innsbruck (Austria)

Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada)


Paying attention?  The last one was a teaser.  The Canadian prairies are flatter than a pancake!




Where is your favourite place to ski or snowboard?




Inside the Dragons lair -Behind the scenes of CBC's the Dragons Den.

Team Beardo was given the chance to pitch our beard hat invention to the business tycoons of CBC's the Dragon Den.   A lot of people have asked what it was like and what really goes on behind the scenes.  So here goes..
After being accepted onto the show you are told by the producers to gather your info and facts and prepare your pitch which could be anywhere from 5-30mins.
On our scheduled filming day we met at the CBC building at about 7:30 am and went through registration and meeting our unit producer.  She was great and gave us a pretty cool tour of the building and the Dragons den set, but at no time before or after the filming do you get to meet the dragons. 

beardo beard hats dragons den

I must tell you that seeing the set takes a lot of the magic out of television.  It is on the top floor of the CBC building and there are hidden cameras and producers all around you, behind one-way tinted glass.  The stairs that you walk down are really interesting too because behind the stage you walk up about 15 steps which is all unfinished wood and timber.  So when you walk down, you are not really coming from a second floor or anything, but just a scaffolding made for effect.

Once we did the tour, we were put with a group of presenters for that morning shoot…there were about 8 in total.   We were told to setup as we planned to stand on the floor during the presentation and go over a quick run-through with the producers.  The producers tried to grill us and put us o the spot to prepare us for the dragons.   We then were sent to the waiting room and told it could be about 2 hours until we present.   From there we were called to makeup (which had tonnes of candy and food), and got a bit of foundation and our hair tended to.
After that, back to the waiting room where we watched as one-by-one, the other presenters were called. 

At this point we were all a bit bored, and sleepy and just couldn't wait to get out there, and then finally we were called!  The producers seemed more nervous than us, they were rushing around and panicking to get us to the stage.  Jeff rushed up the top of the fake stairs and the producer basically counted 3-2-1 and shoved him away….

Calm and composed, Jeff took his time to setup, took a breath and got into his pitch!   It was a really great opportunity and we all feel it actually was the best result for us. The taping went for about 25 minutes during which time the Kevin O'leary went into an off-topic discussion about where Jeff got his suit.. he really wanted one the same!  We also discussed snowboarding and different parts of Canada, but none of which made it to air. 

You can watch the full aired version by checking out the CBC Dragons Den video, or the below clip.

beardo makeup dragons den inteview jeff phillips beard hats on dragons Arlene Dickinson in a beardo dragons beard hat