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Creation of the Beard Hat

Beard hats are the invention of Jeff Phillips, a Canadian-born winter enthusiast who has a passion for snowboarding.  Jeff was chasing powder runs all around the globe and came up with the first make-shift Beardo in Whistler, B.C back in late 2006 while atop the Blackcomb mountain summit, at 7th heaven.  The very first prototype was made using an old knit scarf with a hole in it, and we don't have to tell you that it was far from perfect, but it has since been severely refined  to the innovative and fully Patented design that you see today!   

As soon as the first few Beard hats were released to the public, the response said it all. They were quickly purchased up by a range of people, including skiers and snowboarders, but to our surprise even outdoor workers started using them on the job!  The response was crazy and saw us sell out of the entire stock in the first month.   That popularity has continued and the Beardo® Beard hat has since been shipped to over 120 countries, worn by numerous celebrities and featured on Kickstarter as well as many, many TV shows!  In fact, you may have even seen the Beard hat inventor present on the Dragons Den in Canada or even the hit TV show SHARK TANK

Moving forward our goal is to keep Beardo® current and fresh by continually launching new, innovative products, while providing top quality customer service. The rest of the story will have to write itself.  Stay Tuned!

Notable Mentions:

'Ripley's Believe it or Not' wrote in their 2014 edition: "It's the ultimate fashion line to keep people warm in winter!"

The Globe and Mail Newspaper lists the Beardo® company as one of the top twelve quintessentially Canadian small businesses!!

UFC Fighter Mac Danzig said: "This may be the coolest piece of headwear I've ever seen"

Canadian icon George Stroumboulopoulos said: "I Love Canada. I Hate Canadian winters. Then this comes along to make them a little better".

Canadian Geographic Reviewed and approved our Houdini Beanie and In fact, It made their Best Travel Accessory List!