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Beard Hats

Beard hats have caught on and become ridiculously popular since we launched our patented Beardo designs a few years back. This of course, is helped by the fact that beards and facial hair in general are trending hardcore; with this love of all things facial hair, Beardo was able to grow (no pun intended).

Thanks in part to bearded athletes, musicians and celebrities like Brian Wilson, The Beards (band) and Zach Galifianakis, beards are insanely fashionable and have allowed us the opportunity to work with all of them. We have also worked alongside entire professional sports leagues, individual teams and business for some extremely cool custom branding and promotional opportunities, including giveaways and creating playoff beard hats!

  If you are like us, you have been drawn to beard hats for their strange and fun qualities, but also because they are functional. It s a perfect mix! Whatever the reason is, we have noticed that not many people sit on the fence when it comes to our design; they either love Beard Hats or hate them. But either way, no one can deny that our unique design is a clever idea that makes a great gift!

Whether you are beard connoisseur, a sports fan, or just a bit off the wall, we have the perfect product for you.

Our Official Beard hats have been used for many different purposes and have even attracted some amazing publicity… we aren't going anywhere and our designs are evolving each day.