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Fun Promotional Items Will Get You Noticed!

We've worked closely over the years with many companies, sports leagues, teams and events to create the most unique and individualized promotional items possible. Our unique and fun promotional items are specifically chosen time after time for their potential to turn heads, and to be remembered. After all, that is the point of promotions!   Take our unique BottleMO® for example, which are NOW available for Weddings and private functions!:

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Promotional slip-on Bottle Mustaches

The BeerMO™ Bottle Mustache is a perfect Promotional item due to its low cost, light weight and message effectiveness. We have found that our design is perfect for promoting beverage companies, restaurants, Movember fundraisers and as a unique branded giveaway for companies/brands at events or tradeshows.

Click to view the BeerMO™ Demo Video!


The brandable surface of the Mustache is located on the back, which faces the user.  This is the ideal location for your message as it is in clear view upon every sip!  ►
The BeerMO™ is our Unique & Registered Intellectual Design and can be produced in any color, with any logo or message and with an array of packaging choices.  Production time is generally about 15-20 days for most custom orders (minimum quantities do apply).

Promotional Beard Hats - Create a Custom Design

Our patented Beard Hat designs have been a real phenomenon over the last few years and we are happy to offer them as unique promotional items! We have created many different promotional beard hats using branding techniques such as embroidery, simple labels, silicone patches and even screen-printing. Each technique is dependent on the style, customer preference, quantity and budget.

Our Custom Beard hats have been utilized effectively by sports teams and leagues for entry giveaways and as tailgate beard hats. We have also works alongside marketing firms looking to promote things such as Lumberjack footwear, video games and even hot chocolate! (Note: Minimum Quantities do apply)

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Other Promotional Headwear Options

beard cap

▲ Official Beard Caps - Custom colors no problem!  A twist on the traditional “lambshed-hood” which was a cap used by Iceland farmers.  The material its 70% Acrylic and 30% soft wool and allows for excellent branding placement and options including embroidery. 


◀ Viking Style & Longer Beard Hats - With all the beard themed tv shows, movies and games in recent years there has been a large demand for longer style beards and even themed-based beard hats with viking horns attached!  The Possibilities are endless and we have even done custom designs with curled ram horns! 

The beard hat pictured to the left is designed with a detachable and adjustable beard, so they fit nearly everyone.  Kids sizes are also available of course.

Email our team today with your promotional requirements and let our fun designs get you noticed!

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