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Ultra Realistic Ski Facemasks

Our Ski Mask HD series was launched with our Beardo® Keep Warm Project and funded with the help of the Kickstarter community. There was an overwhelming amount of support and backing that came from this, as well as the creation of some of our new concept designs through our design contest. 

Our Ski Mask design has been granted several patents to protect its uniqueness, including the shape and configuration. You see, our facemasks are not only visually unique, but they have been produced after many trials and on-location field tests to ensure comfort, effectiveness and durability.

Our team set out to design the facemask range to be functional first and foremost, so we integrated a fresh air breathing vent in the front, a soft fleece lining for warmth and used only the best Antimicrobial-treated material to keep the gear fresh. We also do our own photography and graphical work and utilized only the most clear and crisp images and printing techniques to ensure a true HD design was made.

The result of a lot of hard work is the World's Only 360˚ seamless HD Ski Mask with over 24 designs to choose from! We are happy as hell to see our fans are enjoying our designs and when they come back for more, it makes us smile knowing that all the extra time and effort spent on the designs were worth it. We also notice that people are using the facemasks for lots of other activities besides snow sports, like motorcycling and fishing … and that is a great thing to see!



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