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Santa Beardo Combo


Only for the Holidays, comes with 2 beards and while supplies last!  ** Note: this Combo does not come with Santa coat pictured.

We have done a Limited run of Santa Beardo hats, but have decided to put a twist on it.  With this set you'll not only get a great red Santa Beardo with white beard and pom-pom, but you'll also get a second Black beard!  After Christmas, you can simply remove the Pom-pom and change beards!  After all, who really wants to look like Santa after Christmas has passed?

The Original Beardo beard hats are:

• Very functional in cold climates
• One of a kind gift ideas!
• Designed with a unique hand knit pattern
• Made of 100% acrylic yarn for comfort
• Soft and never itchy or scratchy!
• Tightly knit for the best possible quality.
• Beard adjustment range of up to 14 cm (5.5 Inches)!
• Always re-adjustable! Don't worry about sizes.
• Patented Design

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