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'Burly' Beard Hat


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The new generation of our Patented Beard hat design starts here!  We are stoked to launch our Burly style, and feel that this may be the ultimate beard hat design yet!   Whether you want to be lumberjack cool, or just want to stay warm when outside this winter, this is the one you gotta try!  Also available in a KIDS size!
The 'Burly' as we refer to it, has a fully detachable and adjustable beard like the originals, but the beard is much bigger, cozier and hugs the chin like nobody's business.  The beanie is snug fitting with a turn-up rim and comes with our embossed silicone logo.

The Burly Bearded Beanie is:
• Very functional in cold climates
• unique gift ideas! 
• Hand knit with love (beard is hand knit)

• Snug fitting
• Made of 100% acrylic yarn for comfort

• Soft and never itchy or scratchy!
• Tightly knit for the best possible quality.

• Beard adjusts to a range of up to 14 cm (5.5 Inches)!

• Always re-adjustable! Don't worry about sizes. 

• Detach the beard easily for fancy occasions! 


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