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Dire Wolf Snow Sword (Ice Scraper)

$19.99 $10.99

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Limited Run!  Once they're gone, they're gone!

Winter is Here...  Fight back with our unique Dire Wolf Snow Sword and become the true King of Winter!

The Snow sword was forged long ago in House Beardo® from only the finest materials of its time.   The intricately designed Pommel bears a sigil of the white Dire wolf, as it is a well-known master of Winter and exudes both power and finesse to the few who have been lucky enough to see one in the flesh.   Those who brandish the snow sword will feel an immediate sense of prestige and be drawn to the finely embellished double crossguard which protects the hands from the elements.

The Snow Sword makes a perfect gift or stocking stuffer.   It's possessor can become a true master of Winter by pairing the Snow Sword with one of our battle-ready Viking Beard hats!

The Dire Wolf Snow Sword is:

• Designed in the North
• An intricately Forged Snow & Ice Scraper
• Has a Soft padded grip
• Complete with a detailed Dire Wolf pommel
• Has a finely patterned quillon (crossguard)
• Hung off your belt for the best effect

The Snow Sword is best wielded with two hands but can be used with one if extra reach is needed. #snowsword

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